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Where We Operate

With a growingly diverse portfolio, Investium currently  operates within four independent verticals, with plans to exponentially grow our existing verticals, and continuously add new ones.



Our first vertical, and our fastest-growing. 

Investium's subsidiary, Crown Concepts Group, specializes in hospitality and has a proven track record of success stories with brands like Al Beiruti, Logma, and Crown Catering.



Investium's second vertical is tech, which came to life through the Clapp App: a first-of-its-kind digital marketing tool revolutionizing conventional services into one streamlined and cutting-edge platform servicing top-tier clients and brands.

Our core vertical, through which we aim to generate strong performance for our valued investors who have believed in our vision.


Real Estate

Our latest vertical through which we aim to maximize profitability for our new and existing projects by acquiring real estate.


Financial Advisory

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