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Our Story

Investium is a leading investment manager of alternative investments with four lines of businesses, including: hospitality, technology, financial advisory, and real estate.   

Our early phases included small, single-project iterations which thankfully yielded. Our aim at the time was to solidify each independent project and deliver a track record of outstanding results with rapid ROI, and in turn use that success story to attract more and more investors into other independent projects.

Since then, we built on our strengths and learned from every deal and every market cycle to build relationships that ultimately resulted in the birth of Investium, now a leading investment group holding alternative investments within four diverse verticals including: hospitality, technology, financial advisory, with a real estate division launching soon, a revenue stream of $30+ million, and an investment portfolio surpassing $40 million.

With a work ethic that is both entrepreneurial in spirit and institutional in practice, and a policy of investment that we seek to make both responsible and profitable, we aim to generate strong performance for our valued investors who have believed in our vision.

Our Strategic

We consistently seek to capture growth opportunities for our business, and to create growth opportunities for our employees. This is how we ensure continuity. Due to our diversified portfolio, we offer comprehensive solutions that meet our investors’ needs and make us a trusted partner.

We need to be profitable and efficient. To do so we are continuously improving our productivity, including in our business channels while seeking to grow in high margin business segments. Additionally, we will continue our transformation to be more simple, digital and scalable. 

We consistently seek ways to use our capital in the most effective way and insure we create better outcomes for our investors and the people they serve.

Our Mission

We are devoted to building and maintaining sustainable investment opportunities. To do this, we must continue to deliver superior long-term value and financial well-being to our shareholders, partners, and employees.

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