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The Investium Culture

Investium has always been about people. Everything we do is guided by the values that define our character and culture. That's how we attract some of the very best professionals in our business. Here are some of our best practices when it comes to Human Resources.​


At Investium, we believe that having a diverse mix of skills, perspectives and expertise is a key success driver. As a regional firm comprised of 45 nationalities among our more than 550 global employees, we have always drawn strength from our diversity and we are committed to promoting a more inclusive environment for people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities and nationalities. A diverse and inclusive workforce not only makes us better investors but reinforces our unique culture and talent as key competitive advantages.


To that end, our expanded programs focus on recruiting and retaining a wider range of talent across backgrounds, genders and socioeconomic status. Diverse teams bring diverse perspectives that enhance value for our stakeholders and communities. We believe open dialogue about where we are today and how we will lead in the future is a critical part of our journey.




We are committed to fostering an open, inclusive, equitable, and diverse culture, which promotes mutual understanding, transparency and dialogue. Investium senior management ensures that diversity is at the core of our organization. Our employees are working in more than 100 different profiles. We truly care for our people and their individual needs and aspirations. Together we all shape an environment in which everyone has the confidence to dream, to explore and to grow.




Our approach to hiring revolves around securing world-class talent with strong values and diverse representation across backgrounds, genders, and socioeconomic status.

Meet The Team


Samer Zayat



Philip Elias



Christophe Aoun

General Manager


Hosep Katerji

Human Resources

Our Workforce In A Glance

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